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Glass City Humanist is a podcast that explores the values that make up the Humanist philosophy and how to apply them in our lives each day and looks at the intersectionality of various social justice issues of the day.

The Glass City Humanist podcast is for people who want to explore what Humanism has to offer or who know they are Humanists and are looking for ways to increase their understanding of Humanism. Listeners of the show will also be interested in social justice issues and solving the existential threats of our times using science and data to come to rational tentative conclusions.

Each episode is recorded and produced in Toledo, Ohio and is either a monologue by the host about a topic or two or an interview, done remotely, of someone who is known in the secular community or is doing work secular people can support.

Host Douglas Berger brings over twenty years involvement in the freethought movement to each episode.

 Click here for his full biography and our media folder for additional info.

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Some Stats: (as of April 2024)


At least 1 download from at least 40 countries

75 Episodes

Interviews with Andrew Seidel, Rachel Laser, PZ Myers, Charles Hill, Emily Newman, Chris Highland, Kevin Bolling, Sam McGuire, Nick Little, Hemant Mehta, and others…

Top 5 Episodes

  1. Separation of Church and State Had A Bad Week
  2. Evangelicals Have Bible Verses To Justify Their Hate with Bruce Gerencser
  3. Banning Abortion Violates Religious Freedom
  4. Does the Government Test Your Faith?
  5. Evangelize For Humanism Without Evangelizing Humanism

If you are a member of the media looking to do a story about the show or to interview the host, please use our contact form. A printable version of this page and images of the host and our show art is available in our media kit folder.

If you would like to be guest or want to suggest a guest, please let us know on our How-to-be-a-Guest page. All inquiries are considered however we don’t accept blog post requests. Inquiries will have more success if it shows that the person asking has some basic knowledge of the show and the purpose. Feel free to visit some of the show links posted on this page and view our trailer below: