How To Be A Guest

Glass City Humanist is always looking for guests to interview. If you think you would make a good guest for our podcast here is some information you need to make a successful pitch. You can also suggest someone.

Some general rules for guests on GCH:

  1. An episode is typically 30 minutes in length but please feel free to speak as long or as little as you need to make your points. If the conversation exceeds 30 minutes after editing we’re not worried about that. Conversely if after editing we have less than 30 minutes, that doesn’t concern us either. The main goal is a quality interview.
  2. The web app we use for remote recording is Zoom We will send you the link to the “room” we setup for the recording. We can also do in-person interviews if you live in Northwest Ohio and are willing to come to Toledo. Let us know if that is possible for you.
  3. We do the intros and outros separately so we will get right to the interview when we start.
  4. We would appreciate it that once the episode is published and available to the public that you promote it on the social media channels you use. We will let you know when social media posts are made so you can share them.
  5. If in the future you decide your interview with Glass City Humanist might be bad for your career and you ask to have the episode removed from the show, I won’t remove the interview but I will add a disclaimer to the show notes of your change of heart. I might also do a segment in a future episode talking about you asking for a removal. However, if you need to hide your identity due to family or security reasons, we can discuss making an accommodation prior to recording.
  6. Our podcast host is Spotify and they allow video episodes. We will video record the interview at the same time we do the audio recording. Be aware you will be on camera when preparing for the interview. You will have the opportunity to opt-out of being video recorded at the time of our interview.
  7. Glass City Humanist is a project of the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie which has a progressive secular humanist view point that supports separation of religion and government and supports social justice. We are not opposed to having guests on that don’t share our values, however Glass City Humanist will not give you a free platform. If you oppose our values expect to be challenged on your views. Be prepared to defend your views in a frank and honest way. If you do share our views and in the future you become born again, or worse a Right-wing conservative, we will remove your interview and expunge your very existence from the show. That will also happen, no matter your viewpoint, should you be convicted of a crime like child abuse or serial harassment of co-workers, are credibly accused of harassment (you are fired or forced from your job due to several or egregious accusations), or if we learn you currently hold public views that are xenophobic, transphobic, bigoted, or misogynistic. While Humanism is about free inquiry, this podcast isn’t about debating the worth and dignity of any people. Glass City Humanist will also not have guests or topics about any conspiracy theory or the misuse of science to support bigotry or any political agenda that harms others.
  8. Because our group, SHoWLE, is a 501 3(c) charity, we are unable to host or support any political candidates for elected office unless we are having a panel discussion where people from all parties are invited. We are limited in what discussions we can have about politics. Most discussions can only advocate or educate on certain issues like religious freedom, civil rights, or equality.
  9. You aren’t required to be a Humanist to be a guest. We do want your topic to be of interest to Humanists. We will give preference to Humanists or Humanist groups so let us know if that fits you.
  10. Check out the website and listen to a few episodes to get a gist of what the show is about. We will be less likely to have you on if it is apparent you have no idea what the show is about.

Using the form below, make your pitch or suggest a guest. If you suggest someone make sure to include their valid contact info. We will respond in a day or two if you give us a valid email address:

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