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Conferences, Events, and Fairs… OH, MY! (5/20/2022) - We interview Bob Barnes from Bluewater Atheists Humanists and Agnostics in Sarnia Ontario, about their conference coming up in August. Then we note other conferences and events this summer Continue Reading
Episode 40 Featured Evangelicals Have Bible Verses To Justify Their Hate with Bruce Gerencser (5/6/2022) - We talk to Bruce Gerencser about his journey to freethought and we get his intimate insights about evangelical Christians and why we need to be wary of them. Continue Reading
Everyone Is Wrong About Everything with The Friendly Atheist (4/22/2022) - We talk to Hemant Mehta, also known as the Friendly Atheist about his move to OnlySky.media, how he came to atheism, his thoughts on banning books and other Christian Nationalist activities, and his mantra that if you don't like something get active. Continue Reading
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