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images of featured stories in episode Just Say No To Interfaith (12/23/2022) - We look at why Humanism doesn't belong in Interfaith spaces and we hear a letter to the editor about addressing violent crime in Toledo. We also take time out to acknowledge a show milestone. Continue Reading
Image of items talked about in the episode like confirmation bias and religion in schools Critical Thinking Can Save The World (11/19/2022) - In this episode we look at critical thinking. What does it include and how do we not misuse it. Then we take a look at another church and state issue at a local school during election day. Was it on purpose? Continue Reading
A Pseudo Conflict Between Intersectionality And Humanism (10/18/2022) - Is there a conflict between Humanism and Intersectionality? Michael Werner believes there is and he is trying to save the UUA from it. Continue Reading