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Images of Molly and Zachary co-founders of Parents Against LifeWise Deception and Influence: A Close Look at LifeWise Academy (6/4/2024) - Christian Nationalists have targeted public schools. They ban books and discrimnate against trans kids. LifeWise Academy a well funded evangelical group based in Columbus is trying to install their model religious class in all Ohio schools without being truthful or transparent about their activities. We talk to Molly Gaines and Zachary Parrish two parents who… Continue Reading
Episode features a grassroots group I-475 Neighborhoods Coalition Grassroots Democracy: A Battle Over Highway Expansion with Peggy Daly-Masternak (5/22/2024) - One of the basic benefits we enjoy as citizens of a democracy like the United States is our right to address grievances to our elected officials if we feel they are not making appropriate decisions. The I-475 Neighborhoods Coalition is made up of citizens wanting to stop a planned widening of the freeway in Toledo.… Continue Reading
Episode 77 features Be Ceremonial Megan Sheldon: Creating Meaningful Rituals Without Religion (5/6/2024) - We talk to Megan Sheldon co-founder and CEO of Be Ceremonial, the world’s first guided ritual and ceremony app. She believes even the non-religious have a need for ritual and ceremony and her app guides people to appropriate and hopefully meaningful activities. Continue Reading