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Cancer is Non-Religious (6/28/2021) - In this episode we talk to Pam Niese, a Registered Nurse from Glandorf, Ohio who volunteers with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. Pam helps fundraise and lobby on issues important to cancer patients and survivors. We find out that Cancer sucks and is not political or religious in its destruction. She also lets… Continue Reading
One Battle Over Abortion Is A Parking Lot (6/8/2021) - In this episode, we find out why the next local battle over abortion takes place in an old parking lot. Next Douglas talks about plans for a post pandemic restriction time for our local group and finally he talks about how Humanists can respond to a recent religious freedom violation while still rejecting the religious… Continue Reading
The Pandemic Of Magical Thinking (5/15/2021) - In this episode Douglas talks about the large amount of hoaxes, conspiracy theories, and other magical thinking brought on by the response to the pandemic and what Humanists and others can do to get through this thick cloud of problem thinking. Continue Reading