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Featured topics for Episode 76 An Introduction to White Christian Nationalism (4/24/2024) - In this episode we focus on White Christian Nationalism and why it's an existential threat not only to religious freedom for all but also a to democracy then we hear a keynote speech given by DR. ANTHEA BUTLER at the recent Summit for Religious Freedom Continue Reading
Featured stories on our 75th episode Diverted Benefits: The Real Story About Ohio’s School Voucher Expansion (4/5/2024) - We update a school busing dispute with implications regarding church and state separation. We also look into the expansion of school vouchers in Ohio, revealing that the program primarily benefits higher-income families already in private schools rather than helping low-income students in struggling public schools. Continue Reading
Featured items about episode 74 Do We Really Need Humanist Churches? (3/19/2024) - In this episode, Douglas discusses one of his pet peeves of organized Humanism. Some think that only way to increase our numbers is to be a church or church like and avoid any labels. Find out why Douglas thinks that's hogwash. Continue Reading