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Banning Abortion Violates Religious Freedom (7/12/2022) - Our guest is Marcee Lichtenwald, who is a volunteer patient escort with the Toledo Abortion Center We talk about the post Roe landscape for reproductive rights, her time as a patient escort, and what we can do to support abortion rights. Continue Reading
Separation of Church and State Had A Bad Week (7/1/2022) - In this episode, we look at the just concluded US Supreme Court term and how it shakes out for religious freedom. It isn't good. Continue Reading
Blumner Is Wrong: All Individuals Are Important To Humanism (6/3/2022) - Robyn Blumner of the Center of Inquiry took the opportunity, in a recent editorial, to slam identity politics, woke progressives, and took a cheap shot at the American Humanist Association. Continue Reading
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