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  • A Humanist Response to the Murder of George Floyd
    In this episode, Douglas tries to fill time without interviewing someone. We get some news from our group the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie, give a humanist response to the murder of George Floyd, celebrate an unlikely court victory for the LGBTQ+ community, and dust off an old blog post about the words “Under God” in the pledge.
  • Important Humanist Values with Derrick Strobl
    In this episode Douglas speaks with Derrick Strobl, an old friend from his days in Columbus with the Humanist Community of Central Ohio. They talk about his journey to Humanism coming from a religious conservative family, and Douglas discovers, to his shock, that a college near his hometown was much more conservative than he ever imagined. Derrick also reveals what Humanist values are important to him.
  • Same Church Different Pew
    In this episode Douglas talks to Rev. Dr. TK Barger of the First Unitarian Church of Toledo about the historic ties between the UUs and Humanism. We also discuss how Unitarians have religious rituals that are not based in the supernatural and we talk about some of the differences between religious and secular humanism.