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Building Interfaith Bridges with Chris Highland (9/5/2021) - In this episode, we talk to Chris Highland a former Protestant minister for 14 years and an Interfaith chaplain for 25 years. We discuss his journey to Humanism, his efforts trying to build bridges between people of faith and freethinkers, and his writing about the topic including a weekly column in his local newspaper. We'll… Continue Reading
Diversity By Itself Is Not Enough with John Lombard (8/22/2021) - In this episode, we talk to John Lombard, a former evangelical missionary and church planter, who spent over 25 years in China. We talk about his journey to Humanism, his important work as a Cultural Diversity consultant for businesses, and his long time efforts to educate the west about the Mosuo, an ethnic minority in… Continue Reading
Critical Thinking Instead Of Dogma With Reggie Finley (8/7/2021) - In this episode, Douglas talks to science teacher and communicator Reggie Finley about the importance of science and critical thinking especially in this time of the pandemic. Reggie also discusses his personal journey from angry atheist and host of The Infidel Guy Show to a science educator reaching out and changing the lives of his… Continue Reading
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