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A Pseudo Conflict Between Intersectionality And Humanism (10/18/2022) - Is there a conflict between Humanism and Intersectionality? Michael Werner believes there is and he is trying to save the UUA from it. Continue Reading
Fake School Assemblies and Banning Guns (9/23/2022) - Religious conservatives are performing school assemblies and funneling kids to church all at taxpayer expense and earlier this month the SHoWLE Board voted to ban weapons at meetings. Doug explains why. Continue Reading
Evangelize For Humanism Without Evangelizing Humanism (8/31/2022) - How can one sell Humanism to the public without appropriating suspect tactics used by the religious to recruit to their groups? Doug talks about his experiences selling Humanism over the years and how we can reach people and bring them to us. Finally we give an update about a busing dispute involving religious school kids… Continue Reading