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What People Are Saying About GCH

I really enjoy your show. You always strive to present facts and remain as reliable as possible. Your research and attention to detail shows. On the front lines of protecting us from Lifewise Academy and their covert infiltration of our public schools! I started here and went back and listened and Iā€™m hooked. Thanks!

ICYMI: Recent Episodes:

Episode topics featured including Project 2025 The Dangers of Project 2025: A Call to Protect Civil Liberties (7/7/2024) - Yes it's July and we have a special announcement about our Winter Solstice event in December. Then we take a long look at Project 2025 a political agenda chock full of bigotry and Christian Nationalism that if implemented will end Democracy as we have known it and hurt many of our friends and loved ones. Continue Reading
Featured images of the episode topics Genetics and Society: Learning from History, Shaping the Future (6/20/2024) - Genetics can do good like develop cures for infectious diseases and it can be used for evil like justifying the Holocaust. In this episode we hear about two Humanists, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who helped us out of the COVID pandemic, who retired from government service almost two years ago, but still needs a security detail… Continue Reading
Images of Molly and Zachary co-founders of Parents Against LifeWise Deception and Influence: A Close Look at LifeWise Academy (6/4/2024) - Christian Nationalists have targeted public schools. They ban books and discrimnate against trans kids. LifeWise Academy a well funded evangelical group based in Columbus is trying to install their model religious class in all Ohio schools without being truthful or transparent about their activities. We talk to Molly Gaines and Zachary Parrish two parents who… Continue Reading