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Showing the featured items in this episode Guess What Happens When Christian Nationalists Write A Reproductive Rights Amendment? (8/29/2023) - In this episode we mention how much fun we had at the recent Maumee Summer Fair then we talk about how Christian Nationalists like State Senator Theresa Gaverone violated state rules to hijack the Reproductive rights amendment in order to lie about what it actually does for pregnant individuals in the state. Continue Reading
Episode 62 Featured The Christian Nationalist Ideologies of a Law School Professor (8/9/2023) - Professor Lee Strang is a Christian Nationalist law professor who is the go to guy for the religious extremists in the Ohio state house when they need conservative justifications for hurting the people of Ohio. Strang also founded a public charter school that is really religious. He also believes the 1st amendment doesn't apply to… Continue Reading
The Fight for Fair Voting in Ohio: An In-Depth Look with Greer Aeschbury (7/26/2023) - Ever wonder why voting isn't as straightforward as it seems? What if we told you that there are barriers at the polls that could limit citizen power in democracy? Join us for a robust dialogue with Greer Aeschbury, the Ohio senior campaign manager with All Voting is Local Action, as we dissect these and more… Continue Reading