Guest Information and Biography Request

Thank you for agreeing to be a guest on Glass City Humanist. Just check out the information on this page to prepare you for the interview.

  1. An episode is typically 30 minutes in length but please feel free to speak as long or as little as you need to make your points. If the conversation exceeds 30 minutes after editing I’m not worried about that. Conversely if after editing I have less than 30 minutes, that doesn’t concern me either. The main goal is a quality interview.
  2. The web app I use for remote recording is Zencastr and it doesn’t work with cell phones yet. If you aren’t able to use a laptop or desktop let me know ASAP and we can switch to another app like Zoom (more than likely it will be Zoom). I will send you the link to the “room” I setup for the recording a few hours before the interview.
  3. I use Calendly to schedule my guests. Just click on the link below and pick a day and time that works for you that is also available on my calendar. If you need to postpone or cancel the interview date please let me know as soon as possible through Calendly. Pick a suggested replacement date and/or time you can be available. I do send out a reminder a few hours before our interview. Schedule Interview Here
  4. I do my intros and outros separately so we will get right to the interview when we start. After we speak, I will do a rough edit and upload it to a Google Drive folder so you can listen to it (or not). The goal is to catch any major glitches like maybe you used a word you shouldn’t have used. I’m not out to make a guest look bad so I will try to work with you if you aren’t happy with the rough cut. I will take editing suggestions but so you know I make all the final decisions. Editing is to make the conversation more clear it can’t change the meaning of what you said.
  5. I would appreciate it that once the episode is published and available to the public that you promote it on the social media channels you use.
  6. If in the future you decide your interview with Glass City Humanist might be bad for your career and you ask to have the episode removed from the show, I won’t remove the interview but I will add a disclaimer to the show notes of your change of heart. I might also do a segment in a future episode talking about you asking for a removal.
  7. Glass City Humanist is a project of the Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie which has a progressive secular humanist view point that supports separation of church and state and social justice. Glass City Humanist will not give a platform to anyone who opposes that view point. If in the future you become born again, or worse a Right-wing conservative, I will remove your interview and expunge your very existence from the show. That will also happen should you be convicted of a crime like child abuse or serial harassment of co-workers, are credibly accused of harassment (you are fired or forced from your job due to several or egregious accusations), or if I learn you currently hold public views that are xenophobic, transphobic, bigoted, or misogynistic.
  8. Because our group, SHoWLE, is a 501 3(c) charity, we are unable to host or support any political candidates for elected office unless we are having a panel discussion where people from all parties are invited. We are limited in what discussions we can have about politics. Most discussions can only be as advocates of certain issues like religious freedom, civil rights, or equality.

Final Note: Hope I haven’t scared you off. If not then please fill out the brief biography form linked below:

    Note we would like a current photo to use in promotion of the episode if you would like to email it to us instead of providing a link to one send it to guestrelations(AT)